Eating in Lebanon is tied to gatherings: people almost never eat alone. Lebanese love to share food with friends, surrounded by lively music and a great ambience. Armed with a passion to bring the essence of that vibrant culture to Dallas, Zåtar, a foodie haven has seen the light.

Drawing a fine line between simple & luxurious, Zåtar took roots in the re-energized historic Deep Ellum area, serving a modern twist on Lebanese cuisine. Whether you are dining our modern yet authentic dining room or sampling hookah on our covered terrace, Zåtar is guaranteed to tempt your senses.

At Zåtar, you will come for the food and drinks, stay for the laughter and good times, but always come back for the great memories.



Some of Our Favorites —


Moujadara Croquette 

Lentils, rice & caramelized onions breaded and deep fried



A true classic, finely chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, tossed with lemon, olive oil and herbs.


Kafta & Potato Skillet

Layers of kafta patties, slices of tomatoes, potatoes and onions simmered to perfection in a light tomato ragout. 


Samkeh Harra

Flaky pieces of white fish baked in a tomato, tahini, bell pepper & cilantro ratatouille

Aubergine Salad

Grilled eggplant salad, with tomatoes, green peppers and pomegranate molasses.


Waraq Enab

Grape leaves stuffed with a mix of rice & vegetables.





Pan Seared Salmon

Norwegian salmon served with Brussels sprouts, grape and walnut medley with fig balsamic glaze


Zatar Pie

A blend of thyme, sesame, sumac and olive oil layed on flatbread then oven baked.


Shish Taouk

Grilled chicken brochette marinated in Lebanese spices served with fries, house garlic cream and pickles. 


Lamb mac n cheese

Chunks of roasted lamb with our signature cheese blend.



Warm cheesecake with semolina crust, served with orange blossom syrup.


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Eating zatar before an exam or for breakfast boosts brain power
— Lebanese moms everywhere
Few words will evoke pride, nostalgia and emotion in a Lebanese person like “zåtar”. An aroma from our earliest childhood, zåtar is a staple of traditional Lebanese cuisine and even a symbol of our culture itself.

The word zåtar refers both to the Levantine oregano plant, as well as the spice blend where that plant takes center stage. This oregano plant is native to the eastern mediterranean basin and has grown there for thousands of years. Its scientific name is Origanum syriacum, and in the bible it is referred to as hyssop. Traditionally, zåtar is gathered in the wild, and typically harvested in September and October. It is then sun-dried, and ground into a powdered form that is used to create the zåtar blend.


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